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ServiceFixed monthly fee25k50k100kAttachments?Req. DKIM/SPF?Subaccounts?Subaccount limits?Bounce webhook?Delivery webhook?IntegrationService Notes
CiviSMTP$ 15$ 51$ 76$ 126yesnonoSOAPnoset up by CiviSMTPVery responsive, active in the CiviCRM community.
SendGrid$ 9.95$ 9.95$ 19.95$ 19.95no? yesyes?yes?SendGrid Event Notification Processor (com.imba.sendgrid)Subaccount API with "pro" account starting at $80/month (limits per subaccount, dedicated IP).
SparkPost$ 0$ 0$ 0$ 24.99?no **yesnoyesyes

SparkPost / CiviCRM Integration (com.pesc.sparkpost)

SparkPost email extension for CiviCRM (

Free tier of 0$/month limits sending to 10k/day (100k hard monthly limit). Otherwise 29.99$/month for 100k emails, 0.20$/1000 if over 100k. Requires validating the domain, either by email (postmaster/abuse@) or by adding either a SPF/DKIM entry.
Mailgun$ 0$ 7.50$ 20??   ??Mailgun integration for CiviCRM (uk.teamsinger.civicrm.mailgun) 
Elastic Email$ 0$ 4.75$ 9.50?? ? nono?  
Mail Jet$ 7.49$ 7.49$ 21.95?yesyes, with good guidance on the setupyes yesyesCiviMailjet ( can get click and open via webhook too, delivery possible via SMTP.
Amazon SES$ 0$ 2.50$ 5.00$ 10.00 yesno nonoNotes from PalanteWebhooks exist but the code to support them in CiviCRM has not been written.


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