This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 3.2. It's not maintained anymore.
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Using Drupal Calendar with CiviEvent

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titleUse this Option If
  • you want a fast & easy way to automatically show CiviCRM Events in your Drupal Calendar
  • you do not need anything other than CiviCRM events in your calendar (if you want to include other drupal content types, this option is not sufficient and you must use option 2 below)

This option requires the following:

* On your drupal site, navigate to Administer > Site Building > Views


titleUse this Option If
  • you want the calendar to include both CiviEvents and other Drupal event-related nodes
  • you want all CiviEvents to become Drupal nodes
  • you want more control over the calendar items

This option requires the following:

  • Drupal 6.x
  • Views 2
  • Date & Calendar module versions with a release date later than JUNE 8th, 2009
  • CCK 6.x-2.x
  • CiviCRM 2.2 (2.1 will likely also work but I have not tested it)
  • FeedAPI, FeedAPI mapper
  • iCal parser
  • CCK Link (optional)

This section is taken from a combination of different postings on and These original links are posted below in the more resources area.


titleBut I Don't See Any VEVENT Fields!

If you do not have any VEVENT field options, and instead just have 4 default fields like 'author' and 'created', then you have not input the feed url correctly in step 5. Things to consider:

  • Did you copy and paste the URL of the gray calendar icon? this is the one to use.
  • Is your Civi/Drupal install inside a folder on your domain like ''? If so, the feed mapper doesn't like this. It wants to map just to ''
  • Test out the feed url from the CiviCRM Drupal demo site and see if that makes the VEVENT fields available. The url to try is:
    If this works, make sure your feed url resembles that - if not, then you didn't click the right icon.

8. Save. Once mapped, you can click on the 'Refresh' tab to add in the new feed items.


titleMore Resources

The above section was taken from a combination of areas:

Other Options

titleUse this Option if
  • you are on Drupal 5
titleMore Resources

Here are some posts relating to setting this up with Drupal 5:

  • blog post with detailed steps on how to do integrate Calendar and the CiviEvent iCal feed. This should be helpful to get folks started

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