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Mailing Labels

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Mailing Labels


View the Mailing Label tutorial

To create mailing labels for single or multiple contacts, first perform a Search.

From the search results, select which records you want. Your options for choosing contacts are:

  • Check the boxes to the left of each individual contact you wish to print and choose selected records only
  • Choose all # contacts (#=the number of contacts found by the search). Remember this will select the entire search result set - including records not displayed on the current page if the search returned multiple pages of results.

From the -more actions- dropdown menu at the top of the list of found contacts, choose Mailing Labels and click Go.

This will bring you to the "Make Mailing Labels" screen.

Select Label - Choose a label from the drop-down list

Select Location - Select which location address to use for the labels. These must be setup via location types.

Click Make Mailing Labels to begin or Cancel to cancel.