This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 2.2. It's not maintained anymore.
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How do I file an issue or report a bug?

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How do I file an issue or report a bug?

  1. If possible please reproduce the bug on our demo site .
  2. Bugs that are reproducible get fixed significantly faster.
  3. Go to our Issue Tracker .
  4. Search for your existing issue and see if someone has already filed a similar issue. If so, see the resolution and comment on the issue.
  5. If you need to report your specific issue, then:
    • Create an account or login to your existing account. Note that your issue tracker account is separate from your wiki account (sorry, on our list of things to fix!)
    • Click on "Create a New Issue" (link on the fourth line in the middle, to the left of the search box)
    • The fields are fairly self-explanatory. It is important that you let us know the version number of CiviCRM that you are reporting against. Please note that currently we only support the latest stable release.

You can also interact with the issue tracker using a desktop client from ALMWorks. The license file is attached to this page.