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 For If you are using Bootstrap UI Custom Bootstrap theme or any other Bootstrap related theme in Drupal, skip this step.

For those who are not using Bootstrap theme follow this step- Download Bootstrap 3 Theme for Drupal has to downloaded. The link for download is as follows- zip file should be unrar and folder should be placed in -/sites/all/themes.In the front end set this theme as Default theme.

If you are using other CMS like Word Press, No Need to download any themes for getting Bootstrap. The default theme will also work.


 2.CSS Files

CSS file for Bootstrap CSS is located at css/civicrm.bootstrap.css . Custom CSS used is located at css/custom.bootstrap.css. once Bootstrap theme is used, both the civicrm.bootstrap.css and custom.bootstrap.css will be loaded one after another. The settings for loading bootstrap CSS is at CRM/Core/Resources.php