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  • Fieldsets - primary and nested
    • Field groups within a fieldset
  • Collapse / expand elements
  • Status messages
    • errors and warnings
    • results
  • Buttons - style and placement. Default, secondary and "cancel" actions.
  • Input fields - styles for sizing
  • Date and time fields (decide on jquery widgets)
  • Field prompts (text within field which disappears on focus)
  • Disabled fields
  • Markup for textarea and rich-text fields
  • Read-only values in forms
  • Placement of help icons
  • Checkbox alignment
  • when you can add another field i.e. one to many situations for things like email address, and also for group membership etc. (how this is conveyed in consistent way)


  • Markup with tables
  • Label placement options:
    • Above field (in div)
    • Left of field (in separate TH cell)
    • Left of field (in same cell)

4. Dynamic Forms (profiles)

  • Label and field containers assigned unique ID's
    • label-$fieldName
    • field-$fieldName

5. Wizards (multi-step processes)


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