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Commentaire: Clarifying what happens if no case roles or relationships are defined


  • Case Roles - People directly involved in this case. Examples include Case Coordinator, Addiction Counselor, Intake Physician, etc.
  • Other Client Relationships - People related to the client (typically relationships exist beyond the context of a particular case). Examples include Spouse, Sibling, Family Doctor, etc. Generally, use a relationship when you want them to appear on ALL cases for the same client, otherwise use a role.
  • Case Resources - People and organizations which have involvement with many / all cases in your case management setting. Examples include: Regulatory agency contact(s), service provider / frequent referral contacts, etc.

If no case roles, client relationships, or case resources are defined, then the only person related to the case is the Client.

CiviCRM provides relationship type definitions for most of the standard relationships you might track (e.g. Spouse, Child ...). However you will probably need to define additional relationship types for your case roles. Examples include:


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