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Page: Swapping primary addresses in CiviCRM
Seems overall the best way to import contacts with more then one address is to create a spreadsheet with columns in order of preferred primary address. For example fn ln home(p) work other            …
Page: Tags vs. Groups vs. Custom Fields
Tags vs. Groups vs. Custom Fields There are no hard and fast rules about when to use Tags, Groups and Custom Fields. Using the guidelines and examples below, you must decide for each piece of data whi…
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Page: Upgrade WordPress Sites to 4.2
Installing from scratch? Use the installation instructions for WordPress IMPORTANT: These instructions are for sites using or upgrading to WordPress only. Before beginning this upgrade, verify that yo…
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Page: WordPress Installation Guide for CiviCRM 4.2
IMPORTANT: CiviCRM 4.2 requires WordPress 3.4.x. This page provides instructions for installing CiviCRM as a plugin for WordPress. This is the recommended installation method. Before beginning the ins…
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