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Page: Breakdown by Attribute Report (CRM)
For the group Z, show me a breakdown of giving by country/state/zip/whatever address code for Date Range A to B. Report Columns Attribute Name: Total # of Gifts: Total Amount of Gifts: Average Gift Op…
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Page: Campaign, Fund, or Appeal Breakdown Report (CRM)
For the time period A to B, give me a breakdown by Campaign, Fund, or Appeal (select one or more C, F, or A from each group). The report should show how many gifts came in for each custom item and tot…
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Page: First Time Donor Report (CRM)
Show me all the first time donors from date range A to B who's first time gift was between X to Y. Report Columns Contact Name First Gift Amount 3 columns of customizable and save-able data selected f…
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Page: Grouped Donor Report (CRM)
From this group of Z donors, show me all the donors who have made between X and Y number of donations over the time period A to B. Report Columns Contact Name Total Number of Donations in selected Dat…
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