Etiquette: pledges

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Etiquettes associées: contributions, included

Page: Cancel Pledges
Cancel Pledges From the CiviCRM home page, click the CiviPledge Link If it was a recent pledge, look below and find the pledge. For example: go to Peter Jones, then go all the way to the right and cli…
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Page: CiviPledge
CiviPledge CiviContribute allows you to create and manage online contribution pages and track contributions. CiviContribute provides a powerful set of tools for you to engage and collect information o…
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Page: Find Pledges
Find Pledges From the CiviCRM home page, click CiviPledge link and then click Find Pledges link. At the Find Pledges page, enter the pledgers name or email and then click the search button. As indicat…
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Page: Pledge Summary
CiviPledge Summary You can access the CiviPledge summary by clicking CiviPledge link on the CiviCRM home page. When you click on CiviPledge, you will be brought to the CiviPledge home page. At the Civ…
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