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Page: CiviMail in a multisite
When setting up CiviMail for a multisite you should set up a Cron for each site. The Cron should run under the name of a user who has 'Access CiviCRM' (but not View all contacts, edit all contacts or …
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Page: Multi Site Installation
N sites with 1 CiviCRM Database 1. Single / First site installation Say which would be same as any other normal civicrm installation. Then enable multisite by visiting civicrm/admin/…
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Page: Upgrade WordPress Sites to 4.3
Installing from scratch? Use the installation instructions for WordPress IMPORTANT: These instructions are for sites using or upgrading to WordPress only. Before beginning this upgrade, verify that yo…
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Page: WordPress Installation Guide for CiviCRM 4.3
IMPORTANT: CiviCRM 4.3 requires WordPress 3.4.x or higher. This page provides instructions for installing CiviCRM as a plugin for WordPress. This is the recommended installation method. If you are upg…
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