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Page: CiviCase - Using the Sample Configuration
The CiviCase component includes a sample configuration that allows you to try out CiviCase features prior to configuring CiviCase for your specific organizations needs. Review the planning section of …
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Page: CiviCase Configuration
The CiviCase component is available starting with the 2.2 release of CiviCRM and is included in the general release download files. If you are using Cases in a prior version, refer to Upgrading to Civ…
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Page: Physician Health Program Repository
Work in progress Introduction This document describes the contents of the subversion repository found at The "php" stands for Physician Health Program, not php the programm…
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Page: Upgrading to CiviCase
CiviCase component is available since CiviCRM 2.2 - it provides enhanced workflow and many new features for working with cases and clients. If your organization has been using Cases in CiviCRM prior t…
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