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Page: CiviMail Processor
This page isn't up to date anymore as it references a deprecated script: /bin/CiviMailProcessor.php. The new method of handling incoming mail is described on this book page. This page describes the PH…
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Page: imap2soap
This configuration is a community contribution. It is also community supported. The core team does not have any experience or detailed knowledge of this configuration Alternative return path configura…
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Page: Online Publication and Email Permalink
Make the mailing content available for the public  It is possible to view CiviMail mailings as a web page. For each sent mailing there is a permalink to view the mailing.The permalink to the sent mail…
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Page: Sample CiviMail Messages
Sample CiviMail Messages CiviMail email messages must include an opt-out link or email address, and the postal address of your organization. These elements are required by law and help reduce the chan…
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Page: Step-by-step Return Channel on Drupal - Google Apps - CentOS
Return Channel with Drupal and Google Apps on CentOS Set up accounts Drupal user: CiviMail Google Apps: Add the Google Apps to CiviCRM Configure CiviCRM outbound …
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