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Page: Main Manage Online CiviPledge Page
Main Manage Online CiviPledge Page NEW Civi Pledge Page
Page: Moving the database using phpMyAdmin
If, like me, you don't have command line access and can only do this through phpMyAdmin, you'll have to alter the method on the parent page. Here's how I did it. This method is assuming that you've an…
Page: Presentations
Introductory Presentations Manage Your Data, Donations, and More with CiviCRM - Nov 2010 Techsoup Webinar Webinar slides (Powerpoint) Listen to and watch a recording of the webinar A non-technical int…
Page: Trouble shooting payment processor setup
To set up the payment processor always start with a new entry. Don't try to change a payment processor setup from one setup (i.e. PayPal standard) to another (i.e. PayPal Pro). Starting with a new ent…
Page: Using Drupal Calendar with CiviEvent
You will want to carefully read up on views integration if you have civicrm in a separate DB from drupal before following these instructions.…
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