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Page: CiviMail in a multisite
When setting up CiviMail for a multisite you should set up a Cron for each site. The reason for this is that the URL that is in any links in the mailing should point to the correct site. Some time ago…
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Page: CiviMail Installation
Introduction CiviMail installation consists of four parts: enabling the CiviMail component, setting up the SMTP configuration options, defining a cron job that will actually send the scheduled mailing…
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Page: Multi Site Installation
Background explanation Multisites, Multidomain, and Multilevel ACLs N sites with 1 CiviCRM Database 1. Single / First site installation Say which would be same as any other normal ci…
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Page: Payment Processors
Overview CiviContribute can be used to record and manage payments accepted through channels outside of CiviCRM, such as checks, money orders, cash, and PoS terminals. However, it is very convenient to…
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Page: Upgrade WordPress Sites to 4.7
Installing from scratch? Use the installation instructions for WordPress IMPORTANT: These instructions are for sites using or upgrading to WordPress only. Before beginning this upgrade, verify that yo…
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Page: WordPress Installation Guide for CiviCRM
IMPORTANT: CiviCRM 4.7 requires WordPress 3.4.x or higher. It is recommended to use a current version of WordPress. The current release (at 19 February 2017) is WP 4.7.2 This page provides instruction…
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