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If your are using CiviAccounts functionality to export book-keeping transactions, AND you are tracking the Actual Cost of your premiums, AND you have not configured Financial Type(s) for your premium products - then you will need to follow these steps to ensure that your book-keeping exports have valid financial transactions for the premiums "cost of goods".

Backup Your Database

It is strongly recommended that you make a backup copy of the CiviCRM database before completing these steps.


  1. Add at least one "Cost of Sales Account" type Financial Account (Administer > CiviContribute > Financial Accounts).
  2. Verify that you have an "Asset" account to use for "Premiums Inventory". If not, create one (Administer > CiviContribute > Financial Accounts).
  3. For each Financial Type which you want offer premiums, assign both a "Cost of Sales Account is" and "Premium Inventory Account is" related accounts (Administer > CiviContribute > Financial Types > Accounts).
  4. For each premium product, assign the corresponding Financial Type (Administer > CiviContribute > Premiums > Edit).
  5. For each premium offered on each online contribution page, assign the corresponding Financial Type (Administer > CiviContribute > Manage Contribution Pages > Configure > Premiums).
  6. Finally execute the SQL script file attached to this document (this should create the missing  financial transactions as described here CiviAccounts Data Flow#AddPREMIUMtoonlineorofflinecontribution).SQL script to create missing financial transactions for Cost of Goods


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