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Internationalization and localization make it possible to use CiviCRM in languages and cultural environments other than American English.

  • Internationalization (i18n) is a set of mechanisms to make it possible to handle multiple languages.
  • Localisation (l10n) is the process of adapting CiviCRM to a specific language or region of the world (either by translating the user interface or configuration settings).

 In addition to the documentation below, you can follow the internationalization and localization category on the CiviCRM blog, the Internationalization discussion forum or a language/region-specific section on the forum (such as German, French, Spanish, UK and more).


Translating CiviCRM

General guidelines:


Translator ressources / Glossaries / team guidelines:

Book translation

Marketing documents?


  • TODO


Translation maintenance

Documentation which needs to be improved:

  • How to translate CiviCRM into a new language (c.f. the FAQ)
  • How to join an existing translation team (c.f. the FAQ)
  • How to export/update the .po files from Transifex into a production site (c.f. this forum post)
  • Process for releasing new .po files in an official CiviCRM release
  • How some languages are synched (ex: fr and fr_CA)
  • Book translation howto (c.f. this forum post)
  • Marketing materials translation (c.f. this forum post )

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