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About this demo

Audience: A nonprofit organization that maintains their contact/membership information in an Excel spread sheet. They will import most of their data and contributions. I want to show them how easy CiviCRM is to use and give them an idea of things they could do, without overwhelming them. For this demo, I created a small Excel spread sheet (with contents shown below) and five email accounts at yahoo (nccomm1 thru nccomm5)

Create CiviCRM database

Open Excel spreadsheet step1.xls. Save as step1.csv. [CRM:in Save as type dropdown box, select CSV (Comma Delimited), click Save, click OK, click Yes]
step1.csv Contains:

Fname,Lname,Address,City,State,Postal Code,Email
Betty,Beam,200 Main St.,Raleigh,NC,27607,
Charlie,Chaplin,400 First St.,Chapel Hill,NC,27514,
Dick,Duncan,Second St.,Durham,NC,27509,

Go to Click Try the demo. Click login [CRM:top right corner]. Login as demo with password demo.
[CRM:There's no telling what the site will look like, since anyone can change it.]

We are logged in demo and demo is a site administrator. We can ignore most of the content on the page because, when we create our own Web site, we will use our own information. The part we are most interested in is under the icons — mouseover Fundraise, Communicate, Organize, Manage to show functions under the headings. We will concentrate on Organize and Manage.

Under Organize, click search supporters, and click Search [CRM:bottom, right] to find all contacts and see who's in the database before we start.

Point out the "breadcrumb" [CRM:near the top of the page] Home >> administer site >> manage web site and users >> civicrm >> Contacts, and click civicrm *. Click *Import. Browse to and double click step1.csv. Select First row contains column headers. Click Continue. Note that Fname gets mapped to First Name and Lname gets mapped to Last Name and mapping looks fine. Click Continue. Looks OK. Click Import Now. Imported successfully. Click Done.

Send email to a contact

Find Contacts shows new entries. View Betty Beam. Click Send an Email. Compose and send message. Click + next to Activity History. In Email Sent, click Details to see the message.

CTRL-N to get new browser window. Go to, login as nccomm2, and view the message, which is from, the email address for username "demo."

Switch back to demo window.

Create a Smart Group and send email

In breadcrumb, click civicrm. Click Find Contacts. Click Advanced Search. For State, select North Carolina. Search. Select All 3 Records. In more actions, select New Smart Group. Click Go. Name: NC members. No description. Save Smart Group.

Click contacts in the breadcrumb. Under any group, select NC Members. Search [CRM:bottom right]. Select All 3 Records. Under more actions, select Send Email to Contacts. Click Go. Compose a message. Send email.

Click tab Find Contacts and find all contacts. View Dick Duncan's activity history and, on the Recently Viewed line, click Betty Beam and check her activity history.

Switch back to Yahoo window and check Betty Beam's messages again.

Add custom data

Go to the Excel spreadsheet step1.csv. Save as step2.csv. Add column Donation with values 5, 10, 15 and Save.

Go to civicrm, Administer CiviCRM. In the Configure section, click Custom Data. Click Add One. Group name Internal Use. Used for Individuals. Save. Click View and Edit Custom Fields. Click Add One. Label Donation. Data type Money and Text. Save.

Import custom data

In the breadcrumb, click civicrm. Import. Browse to and select step2.cvs. Select First row contains column headers. On duplicate entries select Fill. Continue. You can see the Donation field. Continue. Import Now. Done. civicrm. Find Contacts. Find all. View Betty Beam. Click the + next to Internal Use and you'll see her donation.

Import updates, skip duplicates

Save step2.cvs as step3.cvs. Change Charlie Chaplin's Postal code to 27517. Add Eddie Egghead, Dogwood St., Chapel Hill, NC, 27514, Delete Betty Beam and Dick Duncan.

In the breadcrumb, click civicrm. Import. Browse to and select step3.cvs. Select First row contains column headers. On duplicate entries select Skip. Continue.Continue. Import Now. Note messages:

CiviCRM has detected one record which is a duplicate of existing CiviCRM contact record. These records have not been imported.

You can Download Duplicates. You may then review these records to determine if they are actually duplicates, and correct the email address for those that are not.

In the table below, click Download Duplicates. Select Save it to disk. Click OK and Save. Open the file Import_Duplicates.csv. Note: Column 1 gives the record number of the duplicate. We have control over handling of duplicates, so we can check what's different without changing the database. Delete the file Import_Duplicates.csv.

Find all contacts again. Note that Eddie Egghead was added, but Charlie Chaplin's Postal Code is still 27514.

Import updates and update

Import step3.cvs again, but this time On duplicate entries select Update. Note that two records were processed, with no errors. View Charlie Chaplin's record again and note that his Postal Code was changed to 27517. Eddie Egghead's record was also updated, but with the same information.


Go to civicrm and then Administer CiviCRM. In the Configure section, click Tags. Click New Tag. Name Director. Save. Click New Tag. Name Past Director. Save. Note that tags can be edited and deleted.

civicrm, find all contacts. Edit Charlie Chaplin. At the bottom of the Web page, click the + next to Tags and Groups. In the right column, select the tag Director and Save.

In the breadcrumb, click Search Results. Edit Eddie Egghead. Tag him as a Past Director.

Go back to Search Results. Find all contacts, in any group, Tagged Director. Click Search. You should see one record, Charlie Chaplin.

Click Advanced Search. Click the + next to Edit Search Criteria. Select the tag Past Director, in addition to Director. [CRM:Both are checked.] Click Search. The search results show both Charlie Chaplin (a director) and Eddie Egghead (a past director). Notice the actions available in the dropdown box more actions.

View Charlie Chaplin. Notice the line Contributions There are no contributions recorded for this contact. We entered Donations as a field, but CiviCRM doesn't know that it is a contribution.


Save step2.csv as step4.csv. Add column Type and for each add Member Dues. Save.

Under Organize, click Import Contributions. Browse to and select step4.cvs. Select First row contains column headers. Continue. Note what's showing for Matching CiviCRM Field. For Donation, select Total Amount. Note that Type will match to Contribution Type. Continue. Import Now. Done.

Find all contacts. View Betty Beam. Click the + next to Contributions. Click View. Note other information we could provide.

Manually add a donor

Under Organize, click create new supporter for Dr. Frank Finn, Faculty, select Do not phone, Do not trade, Mail format HTML, for Phone, select Phone 919-666-7777, click the + for another phone and select Mobile: 919-333-2222, Email:, Main St., Chapel Hill, NC, 27514, United States, + next to Demographics, Notes: Important person, Tags and Groups: Tag Director. Save.

Next to Contributions, click enter one now. Select Donation, paid by check, 1000.00 Save.

Access control and user accounts

Under Manage, click administer web site. If you see icons in the body of the page, click Use Drupal expert interface on the right. In the left sidebar, under administer, click access control. The site administrator determines what a user is able to see and do on a site. All users are assigned roles and permissions.

Under administer, click settings. Click users. Note the options for registrations.

In the left sidebar, under administer [CRM:near the bottom of the sidebar, not under settings], click users. Click the tab add user. Create username al_able, email Select Notify user of new account. Click Create new account. For al_able, click Edit. Under Roles, select staff.

Logout [CRM:top right].
Login as al_able. Note that Fundraise, Communicate, Organize, Manage are gone. User "al_able" is not a site administrator and doesn't see these functions.
Click al_able, click edit. The ability to select roles is gone. Users cannot select the roles they want, the site administrator assigns them.

The site administrator has many options.

Switch to the email window to see the email message to Al Able.