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Import Step 4 - Summary

You will be shown the progress of the import until it is complete.

When the import is complete, you will see a summary of the import activity and its results.

Successful Import
If the import is successful, you will see a message like this:

Import has completed successfully. The information below summarizes the results.

If there were errors, you will also see the message:

CiviCRM has detected invalid data and/or formatting errors in # records. These records have not been imported.
You can Download Errors. You may then correct them, and import the new file with the corrected data.

Underneath the message will be a table that summarizes the import, including:

Total Rows - Total rows (contact records) in uploaded file.
Invalid Rows (skipped) - Rows with invalid data in one or more fields (for example, invalid email address formatting). These rows will be skipped (not imported). Download Errors
Records Imported - Rows imported successfully.
Import to Groups - "Group Name": # contacts added to this existing group.
Tagged imported contacts - "Tag Name": # contacts are tagged with this tag.

Even though an import is successful, some records may not have been imported due to errors. The summary table will provide details on the number of records successfully imported vs. the number of records rejected or skipped due to errors (if any). In other words, "success" doesn't mean ALL records got processed, so check the figures provided under Records Imported.

Unsuccessful Import

There are no specific messages for an unsuccessful import.

If you get a blank screen at any point during an import, it may be due to insufficient memory or that PHP's maximum execution time is set too low (this is controlled by the max_execution_time setting in your php.ini file). See your Administrator to increase memory allocation and/or execution time on your server.

Troubleshooting "Failed Import Session" Results

If your import doesn't redirect to the Summary results screen due to a processing problem - you can often review the results by opening the following files in a text editor or spreadsheet application. The files will be located in your configured "civicrm/upload" directory. File-name prefixes will match the name of the original upload file, and will contain a unique "hash" value. In these examples the original file was myimport.csv .

  • myimport_<hash>.csv.unknown
  • myimport_<hash>.csv.unknown.duplicates
  • myimport_<hash>.csv.unknown.error.log
  • myimport_<hash>.csv.unknown.errors

The Summary may also say "Imported Records: 0" if no records were imported. Check the import file for common Import Errors.

Clicking Done will return you to the Upload Data page where you can begin another import.