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Import Step 3 - Preview

Here you will preview the instructions you have set for the import and CiviCRM will inform you of any errors it detects in the import file.

You will see a table that lists:

Total Rows - Total rows (contact records) in import file.
Rows with Errors - Rows with invalid data in one or more fields (for example, invalid email address formatting). These rows will be skipped (not imported). You can also Download Errors.
Valid Rows - Total rows to be imported.

The information shown previews the results of importing your data. Review the totals to ensure that they represent your expected results.

If errors are detected you will see the message:

CiviCRM has detected invalid data or formatting errors in # records. If you continue, these records will be skipped. OR, you can download a file with just these problem records - Download Errors. Then correct the errors in the original file you are importing, cancel this import and begin again at step 1.

Download Errors - This will download a CSV-formatted file of the rows with errors for your information - don't use this for importing as it only contains the rows with errors. See Import Errors.

If there are no errors or you don't want to correct the found errors, continue with the options below.

There are several options at the bottom of the data table:

>>Create a new group from imported records - You can create a new Group from the contacts in the import file. Simply indicate:
Name for new group
Description of new group

>>Join new contacts to existing group(s) - You can also add the contacts you are importing into an existing Group. Select the group or groups you want the contacts added to from the list shown.

>>Create a new tag and assign it to imported records - You can create a new tag and give the contacts you are importing that tag. Simply indicate:

>>Tag imported records - You can tag the contacts you are importing with one or multiple existing tags by selecting them from the list.

Click Import Now>> to proceed. You will be taken to the "Summary" page.

Click <<Previous to return to the previous step or Cancel to cancel configuring the import.

  1. Feb 19, 2009


    I really like the new 2.2 format of this wiki.

    I was having some trouble with imports being slow but solved that my upping the php memory limit to 128 in my php.ini.  Then things went much faster.  Hope this helps someone.