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Many organizations want to send paper letters or email PDFs to their donors, acknowledging gifts. 

  1. Search for the contributions or contributors you want to generate letters for using one of the following methods.

    • Navigate to Contributions > Find Contributions or Search > Find Contributions. Enter your criteria and press Search.
    • Navigate to Search > Advanced Search. In the Basic Criteria section, under Display Results As, choose Contributions. Enter the rest of your criteria and press Search.
  2. On the results page, next to Select Records, choose one of the radio buttons:

    • All X records, if you want to generate letters for all the found contributions.
    • Selected records only, if you want to generate letters only for a subset of the found contributions. Click the checkboxes next to the contributions you would like to include in your letters.

    In the Actions pop-up menu, select Generate PDF Letter for Contributions.

  3. The next step will be to draft a letter using HTML. For more details on this, refer to Print PDF Letters to Contacts.
  4. You may wish to check the boxes for 
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