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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Send Mailing

There are 5 steps to sending email in CiviMail:

1. Select Recipients

Name Your Mailing. Type in the name you want to assign to the mailing. Consider using standard conventions so mailings are easy to find in the future.

For example, rather than: Mailing 1, Mailing 2, etc., consider:

Membership Renewal Reminder 1, : Membership Renewal Reminder 2,
Holiday Campaign 1st Email, Holiday Campaign 2nd Email,
2007 Golf-a-thon Announcement, 2007 Golf-a-thon Reminder

Recipients must be in Groups

CiviMail uses Groups to determine the recipients of bulk emails. In order to send to a group of constituents, you must first create a group and assign all desired recipients to that group, i.e., Enewsletter Subscribers or Annual Donors.

Select a Campaign to associate with your mailing. See Campaigns for instructions.

Select the Recipients of the mailing. You may include and exclude contacts based on groups and tags.

Click Next>> to be taken to the Track and Respond page, or Save and Continue Later to return to the CiviMail page, or Cancel.

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