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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario is the professional association representing registered nurses in Ontario. They provide professional development, develop best practice guidelines, and advocate on behalf of the public policy concerns of nurses.

Under the leadership of Louis-Charles Lavellée, Director Information Management & Technology, the RNAO are becoming a Open Source shop, using Drupal for their main site and a number of micro-sites.

In the fall of 2009, the RNAO engaged JMA Consulting to assist them in evaluating CiviCRM as a potential replacement for their legacy AmSoft system. A pilot project of providing an online registration option for the 85th Annual General Meeting was undertaken. A half dozen internal staff with various IT responsibilities contributed to the successful initiative. CiviEvent was customized by overriding the event files in order to handle the complex event signup requirements. A price set was customized to handle cost calculations. About 30,000 membership records with multiple locations, phone numbers, and emails were migrated into the system. A few options for payment processors were explored before a working approach was developed that used to process transactions into the organization's account at PaymenTech. JMA Consulting provided general consulting advice to the RNAO through this period and expert implementation services as required to supplement internal staff resources.

As a result of the successful launch, the RNAO has begun a process of replacing its AmSoft application with CiviCRM. JMA Consulting has been retained to continue provide advice and expert services as required. It is anticipated that a number of contributions of functionality may be made to CiviCRM from this effort during 2011. For example, the RNAO are the lead sponsors of the CiviAccounts Data Schema project, and are actively participating in other Make-It-Happen projects associated with enhancing CiviCRM's bookkeeping and accounting integration.

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