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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Batch Update via Profile

To see how to use the 'Batch Update via Profile functionlity, visit:


Profile Examples

Searchable Directory Example 1

Here is an example of a PROFILE driven search interface and directory.

The organization has created a profile with the three fields you see - Organization, Program/Office and City - to enable a search by web visitors. They have linked the profile to their website so that anyone may search their directory. This keeps the listings updated without having to separately update the database and website.
Thanks to Community Partners for this example.

Constituent Data Management Example

Here is an example of a profile used to allow Associates to edit their own associate
directory listing. Here is the Directory:

Here is the editable Profile:

Constituent Data Management Example 2

Here is an example of a profile that provides constituents with an online profile containing fields where they enter data about themselves. In this case it is used to register journalists for events.

The organization shared "We use this custom profile for two different groups of journalists for two different events. I have edited out some fields from that profile that are not relevant to the Euroleague basketball form you see in this screen shot."
Thanks to EuroLeague Basketball for this example

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