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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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The simpliest, and easiest, configuration on the badges is to change the background image (by default, it's a civicrm logo).

To do that, you simply have to set up a custom template directory, and add a logo (png format) in the directory templates/CRM/Event/Badge/CRM_Event_Badge_Logo.png or /CRM/Event/Badge/CRM_Event_Badge_NameTent.png (respectively for the Logo or name tent format).

You can also set a specific logo for a specific event by putting the logo into templates/CRM/Event/Badge/[event id]/[class name].png

eg for the Logo format of the event number 42, simply put the image  templates/CRM/Event/Badge/42/CRM_Event_Badge_Logo.png

You might want to create a new format, simply go to the admin ( and create a new event badge.

You will have to provide a class that formats each badge. For instance, the Logo template CRM/Event/Badge/Logo.php contains two methods: the constuctor, that mostly sets the format of the page (how many badges per page), and generateLabels, that format each label.

$participant contains the datas about the participant (name, oganization, role...)

If you create a new format, please share it with the community and add it as a sub page below.

In theory, you can use a jpg or gif format. It did work much better with png in my case, YMMV.

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