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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Membership Price Sets

In this step, you set up a price set to use with memberships. Price sets are useful with membership because it allows the user to select options for multiple memberships with different fees. For instance, if your organization offers national and local memberships, using a price set allows the user to sign up for a family national membership and a personal local membership. You can also add premium options.

You should create your Membership Types before creating a membership price set. See Membership Types for instructions.

To create a membership price set, go to Administer >> Customize >> Price Sets or Administer >> CiviMember >> New Price Set or Membership >> New Price Set.

New Price Set

Set Name - Give a name to this price set.

Used For - Select the type of payment this price set will be used for (in this case, Membership).

Pre-form Help - Give additional information about this registration option.

Post-form Help - Give additional information about this option (i.e. "You may change your preference at any time", etc.).

Price Fields

Field Label - Give a label to the field.

Input Field Type - Select the html type used to offer options for this field (Text/Numeric Quantity, Select, Radio or Checkbox).

  • If this is a field for the user to select his/her membership option, choose Radio. A Membership Options section will appear. In the Membership Types dropdown, select the Membership Types you have already created. The amount will automatically populate with the cost assigned to the membership when you created the type. Enter all of the Membership Type options a user can choose from for this Membership.
  • If this is a field for the user to select a premium with this membership, choose Select. A Membership Options section will appear. Leave the Membership Type field blank. Enter the name of the premium in the label field and assign a cost.

Options per Line - This affects the display if you've allowed for multiple choice options. Choose how many options should be displayed per line.

Display Amount? - Check this box if you want to display the amount next to each option. If not, then the amount should be in the option description.

Order - Weight controls the order in which fields are displayed in a group. Enter a positive or negative integer - lower numbers are displayed ahead of higher numbers.

Field Help - Include additional instructions about this option (i.e. "You may only choose one of the options")

Required? - Choose whether this additional registration option will be required or not by checking this box.

Active? - Make this price set active or not by selecting or deselecting this checkbox.

Click Save or Save and Done to proceed or Cancel to cancel the price set configuration.

Manage Price Sets

Preview This Price Set (All Fields) - Once done, you may preview the fields that you've set up for a given price set, Edit Price Options, Edit Price Field, Preview, Disable, or Delete.


If you are working on a Contribution page that has already been set up you may need to 

  • disable the Contribution section (on Contribution Tab)
  • unset some of the Membership settings on the Membership Tab before selecting the Price Set, as these settings disappear, and may then throw an error message
  • Aucun