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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Event Fees

In this step, you configure event fees. You will be able to go back and modify all aspects of this page at any time after completing the setup wizard.

You will use this form to indicate if the event is free or requires payment of a fee. You will use the table provided to enter up to ten fixed contribution amounts. These will be displayed as a list of radio button options on your event registration page. Both the fee label and the dollar amount will be displayed.

Set up a payment processor

If this is a paid event AND you want users to be able to register and pay online, you will need to configure a payment processor first. Then return to Fees and assign the processor to this event.

Alternatively, you can enable the Pay Later option below without setting up a payment processor. All users will then be asked to submit payment offline (e.g. mail in a check, call in a credit card, etc.).

Paid Event - Select Yes or No to indicate if there are fees for event attendance.

Contribution Type - From the drop-down list select the type of contribution. You must set up Contribution Types first. For example you might set up a Contribution Type of Annual Dinner Fee or Annual Conference Fee.

Fee Label - This label is displayed with the list of event fees.

Enable Pay Later option? - Check this box if you want to give users the option to submit payment offline (e.g. mail in a check, call in a credit card, etc.).

Pay Later label - This text will be displayed next to the checkbox for the 'pay later' option on the contribution form.

Pay Later instructions - Instructions added to Confirmation and Thank-you pages when the user selects the 'pay later' option (e.g. 'Mail your check to ... within 3 business days.').

Price Set - Select a pre-configured Price Set to offer multiple individually priced options for event registrants. Otherwise, select "none" and enter one or more fee levels in the table below. Price sets allow you to set up multiple event registration options with associated fees (e.g. pre-conference workshops, additional meals, etc.). Configure Price Sets for events which need more than a single set of fee levels. You must first set up Price Sets.

Fee Label, Amount - Enter the label and the amount for each event fee. You may have different fee levels for members, early registrants, etc.

Default - Indicate which fee should be preselected by default on your event registration page.

Discount by signup date? - Check this box if you want to offer discounted fees based on registration date (e.g. 'early-registration discounts').

Discount Set - This table will appear to allow you to enter different settings for specific registration dates. Click + another discount set to enter additional discount sets.

Add Discount Set to Fee Table - Clicking here allows you to apply a discount set to the Fee Table (i.e. the Early discount applies only to families). Here, you must also indicate which fee should be preselected by default on your event registration page.

Click Save or Save and Done to proceed or Cancel to cancel the event configuration.

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