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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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This screen allows you to view and modify the Automated Messages configured for various CiviMail actions. You can also create and modify pre-configured re-usable Header and Footer blocks for inclusion in your mailings. These settings are referred to as Mailing Components.

Automated Messages

Review the default automated message text used for each of the actions below - and modify as needed to fit your organization's needs and policies. Note that you can create multiple versions of each Component Type for use in different types of mailings.


Used for...


The message sent when a recipient replies to a mailing AND Auto-respond to Replies is enabled for that mailing.


The message sent when a contact initially subscribes to a mailing list. At this point the subscription is pending, and the contact must confirm their subscription (double opt-in) by replying to this email OR clicking the subscription confirmation link. Therefore, this message should always include the {} and/or {subscribe.url} action tokens.


The message sent when a contact activates their pending subscription to a mailing list.


The confirmation message sent when a contact unsubscribes from a mailing list. It's a good idea to include the resubscribe action link in this message to make it easier for them to re-join the list ({action.resubscribe} and/or {action.resubscribeUrl}). The {} token, if present, will be replaced with the list of unsubscribed groups.


The confirmation message sent when a contact resubscribes to a mailing list. It's polite to include the unsubscribe action link in this message, so they can unsubscribe easily ({action.unsubscribe} and/or {action.unsubscribeUrl}). The {} token, if present, will be replaced with the list of resubscribed groups.


The confirmation message sent when a contact opts out of receiving ANY bulk mailings from your site.

CiviCRM sends these automated emails From: This is hard-coded in CiviCRM. Depending on your server configuration, particularly if you have a catch-all account, you may or may not have to create a user/mailbox with this name. If you do create a specific "do-not-reply" mailbox it is best to set this mailbox to "ignore" rather than "bounce". Setting it to "bounce" could cause outgoing email errors.

Pre-configured Headers and Footers

You may modify the default provided header and or footer and use them in your mailings as a way to automatically include content elements (e.g. organization logo or header bar), as well as the required opt-out, unsubscribe and domain address elements. Refer to Sample CiviMail Messages for more information and examples.

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