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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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This section is intended to provide information for a variety of methods of displaying CiviEvent events.

Upcoming Events Block for Drupal

Starting with CiviCRM 2.2.1, Drupal installations include an Upcoming Events block that can be enabled from Drupal Admin » Site Building » Blocks. When this block is enabled, it will list all public events with start dates greater than or equal to the current date. For each event, the block will include:

  • Event title with a link to the event information page
  • Start date
  • Event summary (first 80 characters and a "more..." link if the summary is longer than 80 characters)

If you want this block to be displayed for anonymous visitors, be sure to enable the "view event info" permission for the anonymous role.
This permission can be enabled from Drupal Admin>> User management>>Permissions. In the CiviCRM module you find the row "view event info" under the column "anonymous role". Check the box if you want the Upcoming Events block enabled for anonymous users.

Using Google Calendar

Google Calendar provides a calendar service that accepts the universal iCalendar file that is made available by CiviEvent.  Once you import the .ICS file into your Google calendar, you can then share it.

In the CiviCRM Admin area choose Administer menu » CiviEvent » Manage Events or choose Events » Manage Events.

There you will find an icon with a link that allows you to download the .ICS file to your computer.

» Download iCalendar File

Use this file and the"Import Calendar" function found in your Google Calendar Settings.

  • The export will not contain past events, non-public events, and inactive events.
  • The "Download iCalendar File" link will not appear until you have at least one current or upcoming event created.
  • You must have a Google account to use the Google Calendar services.

Using the Drupal Calendar Module

Detailed instructions for displaying CiviEvents in a Drupal calendar

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