This documentation refers to an older version of CiviCRM (3.4 / 4.0). View latest version.

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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Configure Membership

This section allows you to enable and configure a Membership Signup and Renewal section in this Online Contribution Page. If you're not using this page for membership signup, do NOT check the box labeled "Membership Section Enabled?".

To configure Membership signup and renewal, first check the box labeled "Membership Section Enabled?"

Enter a Title and Introductory Message for both New Membership and Membership Renewals.

If you are using a Membership Price Set to offer multiple options for different memberships (such as a national membership and a local membership), select the price set here. See Membership Price Sets for instructions.

Select the Membership Types to be offered on the page. See Membership Types.

Check the Require Membership Signup box if the user must signup for one of the displayed membership options before continuing.

You can Separate Membership Payment by checking the box, which will process the membership fee separate from any additional contribution. If this option is checked AND the contribution page includes a separate contribution amount block - two transactions will be generated: one for the membership fee amount; and one for the selected contribution amount. (Note this only works with some Payment Processors.)

Check the Display Membership Fee box to display the minimum membership fee along with the membership name and description for each membership option.

Click Save to save the page, Save and Done to return to the Manage Contribution Pages menu, or Cancel to cancel the configuration.

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