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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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Apply Relationships to Contacts

From any Contact Record, click on the RELATIONSHIP tab.

If you have no Relationship Type assigned to the contact, you will see the message:

There are no Relationships entered for this contact. You can add one.

Click add one to add a new relationship.

If there are existing Relationship for this contact, they will be listed, along with the option >> New Relationship
click this to add a new relationship to this contact.

Select a Relationship Type from the the drop down list. Only Relationship Types that have been Configured and Enabled will be listed.

Find Target Contact - enter the name or email of the second contact to include in the relationship. Click Search.

A list of matching contacts will be shown. If the desired contact is not listed, you may re-enter information into the Search box and click Search Again.

From the list of contacts, indicate your choice(s) for the other party to this Relationship by clicking on the box to the left of the contact name you wish to select.

Relationship Types May Be Restricted by Contact Type

Note that some Relationship Types are only valid for certain types of contacts. This may limit the choices you see. For example, if you are adding a relationship to an Individual contact, and select Employee of as the Relationship Type - your search will only return Organizations. The default Employee/Employer relationship type in CiviCRM is always between an Individual and an Organization.

You may assign a Start Date and End Date to the relationship using the drop-down lists.

Add a Description and/or Notes for the relationship in the space provided.

Click Save Relationship to Save or click Cancel to cancel.

You will be returned to the Relationship tab of the contact you started with. You will see a list of the Relationships along with the options to View|Edit|Disable|Delete the relationship. The options shown depend on the permissions assigned to your account by the Administrator.

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