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This page refers to CiviCRM 3.4 and 4.0, current STABLE version.

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3. Mailing Content

Enter the From Email Address. To add an email address, go to Administer CiviCRM >> Option Lists >> From Email Address.

Enter the Reply-To email address, unless it is auto-configured based on your selections in Step 2.

Enter the Mailing Subject.

Select Upload Content or Compose On-Screen

You can use your favorite editor to create content on your local computer and then Upload the files. OR you can Compose content directly on the screen.

If you choose to compose on the screen, a basic WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor is provided which you can use create simple HTML messages. However, if you are planning on creating HTML messages with complex layouts - it is best to use an HTML editor on your local computer. Then locate and upload the saved file(s) by clicking the Browse button, or paste the finalized html code into Civi.

There are two formats of email - text and HTML. HTML has proven to get more responses and is generally preferred as it is able to present pictures, logos and other images that are often more engaging than just text. It is an excellent practice to ask your constituents individually whether they prefer to receive text or HTML emails.

Required Items in Messages

CiviMail email messages must include an unsubscribe link, an opt-out link, and the postal address of your organization. These elements help reduce the chances of your email being categorized as SPAM. You must include specific tokens in your text messages. See Sample CiviMail Messages.

Header/Footer - From the dropdown menu select the header you want to include. For a header, you enter information you want to appear at the top of every email. This could include the organization name, tagline or links to donation, event or membership pages, etc. For a footer, you enter information you want to appear at the bottom of every email. Often this includes the physical address and contact info for the organization, etc. See Headers, Footers and Automated Messages.

Click Next>> to proceed. You will be taken to the "Test" page.

Click <<Previous to return to the previous step, or Save & Continue Later to return to the CiviMail page or Cancel.

If your message(s) do not contain the required tokens, you will see this message:

Please correct the following errors in the form fields below:

The following errors were detected in "Message File Name":

-This message is missing a required token - {domain.address}: Displays your organization's postal address.
-This message is missing a required token - {action.optOut}: Creates a link for recipients to opt out of receiving emails from your organization.
-This message is missing a required token - {action.unsubscribe}: Creates a link for recipients to unsubscribe from the group(s) to which this mailing is being sent.

More information on required tokens...

Go back to your message file(s) and correct the errors, then upload the corrected message(s).

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