This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 3.3. It's not maintained anymore.
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SSH Access Requirements

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CiviCRM is a complex program. Many a time we cannot replicate an issue on our server (or its a bit too involved to replicate). In such cases we request ssh access to your server. Check the Wikipedia ssh page for more details on what is SSH. You might need to ask your hosting provider to enable this for you.

We do require SSH access. access via FTP/Web is not supported. When you have got the below information, please PING us on IRC. Do not email / message us the info

Please do the following before you contact us

  • Get an SSH username and password. Please login and test that it works. We will also need the complete hostname or IP address to login. SSH Keys are not advised since there are a few of us that provide ssh support
  • Ensure that the above user has write access on all CiviCRM files. Edit a CiviCRM file on the server to make sure
  • Have the full directory path of your drupal/joomla location and civicrm location handy
  • Have the full path for your apache access/error logs handy. The above ssh user should have read access to these logs
  • Have the admin username/password of your site ready. If we are fixing an issue related to a non-admin user, please create a test account and have that username/password ready too.
  • Since you will be sharing your password with us, we recommend that you change your normal passwords so you can share with us (and then switch it back when we are done)
  • Please reproduce the issue and steps of the bug that we are attempting to fix.

Once you have the above details, please contact us on IRC. You can share these details with us via a Private Message (PM) on IRC. If you are using the web based chat client, a PM appears as an additional tab within your webchat browser window

We prefer that you are on IRC while we ssh into your server to answer any questions we might have etc

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