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Ever want to show your contacts on a Google map? Ever want to have them provide endorsement quotes that would be visible on a map? 

Geoquote is a Drupal / CiviCRM module that creates a google map showing CiviCRM name and a custom CiviCRM 'quote' field (that could be any text) in a bubble beside every contact with a suitable marker in a different CiviCRM custom field. We used it to filter out the contact for one political jurisdiction at a time, but it could also be used to display only the members of a Smart Group defined by a value in a custom field.

Geoquote was developed for Drupal 4.6 / CiviCRM 1.3, but has been modified for (but not yet tested with) Drupal 4.7 / CiviCRM 1.4. For more information, see

Joe Murray

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