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Reviewing Cases

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Reviewing Cases

You have logged into CiviCase and have located a table containing an existing case that you would like to review. Note that the table could be the Cases with Upcoming / Recently Performed Activities tables, or could be a table that you located through a search (see Finding an Existing Case Record.)

Reviewing a List of Activities

  1. When you have found the case that you are looking for, you can click on the expand ( ) button to see the list of activities associated with the case.
    The case activities are shown underneath the case listing. Note that the activities are colour coded:
    • Red activities are overdue,
    • Green activities upcoming, and
    • Blue activities are completed.
  2. You can also click on "manage case" to get to the Manage Case Screen.
         On the manage screen page you are able to add an activity or a timeline, and generate a report. Note in the list of activities, the activities are colour coded as in the expanded table (shown above.)

Reviewing Activity Details

  1. When you have found an activity that you could like to review, click on the Subject line to see the activity details. The screen will go dark and the case detail will be highlighted in the middle.
  2. You can then scroll down to read all of the notes from the activity.
  3. When you are finished, press Esc or click on "Done" to go back to the regular screen. You will be on the same screen that you were on before (with the case details collapsed.)
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