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Opening a New Case File

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Opening a New Case File

You are starting an intake and you have already logged in to CiviCase.  This procedure follows the flow chart 2.0 (Physician) Intake Assessment (attached).  When you open a new intake screen, CiviCase creates a new activity called "Open Case".  This will be the first activity in the case that you are opening. On the Open Case page, you can use the help text buttons as well as the inline help text.

A pdf version of this document with screenshots is attached.

Before you call the Client

  1. On the CiviCase Dashboard, click the New Case for New Client button.
    •    This will open the activity "Open Case" and the case file will be stored when the activity is completed.
  2. Enter the client's name.
    •    Use the dropdown menu to choose a prefix
    •    If you do not have the client's name, or if they have chosen to remain anonymous, you will have the case ID.  In this case write 'anonymous' as the last name.
  3. Enter the client's phone number(s).
    •    You may find this on the Human Solution's Clinician Portal or it will be supplied by PHP staff.
    •    If it is ok to leave a voicemail at the number that you have, choose "Voicemail" as the type of phone.  This will be chosen by default.
    •    If it is not ok to leave a voicemail at the number then DO NOT choose "Voicemail" as the type of phone.
  4. Enter the case number(s).
    •    If the case is a new intake through the 1-800 line, you will find the "Service Provider Case ID" on the Human Solution's Clinician Portal.
    •    If the case came through PHP staff and not through the call centre enter N/A for "Service Provider Case ID."
    •    If the case is an old case, re-activated then enter N/A for "Service Provider Case ID" and  enter the old case number in "Previous System Case ID"

During / After the Intake Call

  1. Click on the help text pop-up (blue question mark) and the in-line help text for a script.
  2. Introduce yourself, your role in the organization and read the privacy policy.  Enter the location of the caller.
  3. Invite open ended-narrative and enter the notes in the details text field.
  4. Reflect the client's story back to them.
  5. Request the caller's permission to ask some screening questions and fill in the rest of the fields.
    •    The required fields are marked with a red asterisk*.
    •    The groups of fields can be collapsed by clicking on the minus button and expanded by clicking on the plus sign.
  6. Ask the client if they have seen a family physician.
    •    If they have, when was the last visit?
    •    If they have not, would they like us to help them find one?
    •    Find out their preferences (where do they live?  Is there are particular GP that they would prefer NOT to see? Do they need a GP for just themselves, or also their family?)
  7. Enter the presenting problem(s)
    •    This list of Presenting Problems is from the Guide of Common Indicators from the Canadian Physician Health Program.
    •    The primary presenting problem is chosen form the drop down menu.  You can only choose one.
    •    The secondary presenting problem(s) are chosen from the check boxes.  Multiple boxes can be checked.
  8. Fill in the remaining fields.
    •    The Urgency Rating (1-5) is a required field.
    •    The Complexity Rating (1-5) is also a required field.  If the Complexity is >2, call the PHP Director.
  9. Enter the Subject for the Open Case activity.
    •    The subject line should provide a one-line summary about the case is about
    •    It should complete the sentence "The caller was expressing..." (looking for a GP, concern for a colleague, relationship troubles etc)
  10. Enter the Case Type.
    •    If the case requires coordination, call the PHP Director.
    •    For more information on the different case types, see [case type document]
  11. Enter the Case Status.  The case can be marked as Ongoing, Urgent or Resolved.
    •    The case status will reflect how the case is displayed in the Dashboard (urgent cases are displayed in red.)
  12. Finally, enter the Case Start Date, the Duration of the intake call, and save the activity.
    •    You will be taken automatically to the manage case screen.
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