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Module to List Upcoming CiviCRM Events in Drupal Node

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CiviCRM multiple events module is a module that exposes public upcoming CiviCRM events to Drupal as nodes. It allows sites that use Drupal and CiviCRM to list all the public/ enabled events along with details about the event event date, time, location.
1. The module will create a new content type 'CiviCRM Multiple Events'.
2. Admin is given an option to choose the events that should be listed on the site.
3. The module will generate a listing of all the chosen events along with their corresponding details. Depending upon the selected events and status of the event, 'Buy Tickets' link will be generated next to each event.
   Too Late: If the event has past its registration date.
   Sold Out : If the event is full.
   Buy Tickets Now: If the event registrations are available.

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