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Manage Contribution Pages

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Manage Contribution Pages Overview

Configure Online Contribution Pages allows you to manage pages on your website where people can make contributions. Online contribution pages provide the convenience of contributing online to your supporters.

To make your Online Contribution pages work, you must also configure CONTRIBUTION TYPES, PAYMENT INSTRUMENTS, ACCEPTED CREDIT CARDS and a PAYMENT PROCESSOR.

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Main Manage Online Contribution Page 

Create New Pages, View and Modify Existing Pages  

Title and Settings

Configure contribution page title and general settings

Contribution Amounts

Set contribution amounts, select payment processor and enable pledging and pay-later features

Configure Membership

Configure membership sign-up and renewal options

Include Profiles

Collect additional information from contributors by selecting CiviCRM Profile(s) to include in this contribution page.

Thank-You and Receipting

Edit thank-you page contents and receipting features

Tell A Friend

Make it easy for contributors to spread the word to friends and colleagues

Contribution Widget

Create a contribution widget which you and your supporters can embed in websites and blogs

Configure Premiums

Enable a Premiums section (incentives / thank-you gifts) for this page, and configure premiums offered to contributors

Including Contribution Pages in Sites

How to include Contribution pages in Drupal and Joomla! websites

Quick Video on how to make a Recurring Page and what it looks like to the User.

Enabling CiviCRM Modules

If you don't see the Administrative options for CiviContribute in the control panel, you will need to enable the component. Go to Administer CiviCRM >> Global Settings >> Enable Components to do this. See Enable Components.

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