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Lunch table discussion, March 20, 2008

Primary participants:
Dave Greenberg,
Nicholas Wickes, Good for Kids Foundation,
Rick Cohen, National Council of Nonprofit Associations,
Gregory Heller, CiviAction,
Brian Choc, Teaming For Technology Colorado,

NCNA: When people register, they type in the organization they are with. One organization can be in the database in many forms. Too many organizations for a dropdown menu. Also they don't want to publicly display all the names. Perhaps the domain of the email address can be used to select the organization name.

Teaming for Technology Colorado is doing classes.

Allow voting for features. "What features would you like to see?" Usability issues. List about 5. Make sure they can be done. Vote.

Need clean URLs for contribution forms.

Discussion about page reloads on relationships.

Need more operations for search, particularly NOT.

Permissioning: Perhaps a node creator could designate a couple of others to have editing permission – to update information for an organization.

CiviCRM 2.1 to require Drupal 6. Discussion said need to support Drupal 5 too.

Need a volunteer component. Can use an event page. Permissioning is austere.

Need a permission level for creating and modifying events. Shouldn't require that an admin do it.

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