This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 3.2. It's not maintained anymore.
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Joomla! Extensions for CiviCRM

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A number of Joomla! extensions have been created to extend the core Joomla+CiviCRM functionality. These include extensions to display CiviCRM resources in module locations, authentication and user access controls, and CiviCRM link building tools. This page summarizes the available extensions and their development status. The extension downloads are available on each extension's detail page.

Support for these extensions will be handled through the Joomla Extensions forum:,48.0.html

CiviUser Component + Module

The CiviUser Joomla! component replaces the core Joomla user component, and is used to restrict user account creation based on the user's membership status. The user registration form runs additional checks to match the firstname, lastname, and email with existing CiviCRM records, and then to confirm if they have a current membership record. If so, a user account is created and connected to the CiviCRM record. Else, the user is given text (configurable through the parameters) explaining why an account cannot be created. A corresponding module is provided to replace the core module.

CiviAuthenticate Plugin

This Joomla! plugin replaces the core Joomla authentication plugin and let's you control access to your site based on membership status or group membership (including the ability to both include and exclude based on group status).

CiviEvent Module

This Joomla! module displays a list of events in a module position. It is configurable based on event type, select events, or date range, and may provide links to the information page, register page, combination, summary text, and other options. Multiple instances may reside on a single page.

CiviLinker Component + Plugin

The CiviLinker component and plugin allows the user to insert links to CiviCRM resources in articles and CustomHTML modules through a plugin button. The button opens a modal window with options for creating links to events, contribution pages, and profile pages.

Gloriant CiviCRM

Joomla component with the following features:

  • Listing of CiviEvents
  • Front end article editor authenticated by CiviMember membership type.
  • E-mail notification on article submission
  • User rights can be managed in the back end.
  • Aucun

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