This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 3.2. It's not maintained anymore.
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Custom Search Find Households by group

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This page refers to outdated version of CiviCRM. Check current version of documentation.

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Return a list of households based on a selected group. The idea here is that you will have your own selection of users, based on whatever criteria you have chosen, then assigned these individuals to a group. All you need to do with this search is select from a chosen group and click the Search button. This search will only return individuals who are members of a household.

This search returns:

  • Contact ID
  • Household Name

You may then assign tags to these household records, include them in other groups, and so on.

This custom search is based on the existing 'EmployerListing.php' custom search. It has been tested on CiviCRM 3.0.2, running on Drupal 6.14.

How to use: Put the code below into a file called HouseHoldByGroup.php in CRM/Contact/Form/Search/Custom.
Then set it up in Administer CiviCRM -> Manage Custom Searches.

Custom Search Path: CRM_Contact_Form_Search_Custom_HouseHoldByGroup
Search Title: Find Households Based On Groups

Here's the code.

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