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Amnesty International

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CivicActions has worked with Amnesty International since 2007 both on their Drupal-based website, and their CiviCRM installation.  We first implemented CiviCRM version 1.8 with Drupal 5 and earlier this year (2010) upgraded the website to Drupal 6 and CiviCRM to version 3.1. Most recently, they are running version 3.2.x.

  • Multi-lingual support for end-users was one of the biggest challenges originally. The site is available in 4 languages including right-to-left Arabic. Subsequently, the various upgrades posed their own special challenges where we had written custom code to fill in gaps between client requirements and CiviCRM's functionality at the time.
  • CiviCRM stores the user registration (contact) data of the Drupal site, donations made through CiviContribute and activity recording through custom code that records actions taken via the activism module in Drupal-to-CiviCRM activity records.
  • Amnesty International also uses CiviMail (very heavily) to bulk email their members. In the CiviCRM 1.8 days, CivicActions made major contributions to the script for CiviMail through our work with Amnesty.
  • Rather than using CiviCRM profiles on the user registration screen, the site now uses API calls to build the user registration and user profile forms which offers more flexibility in the user interface.
  • The CiviCRM database for Amnesty has in excess of 120,000 contacts, and regularly sends out mailing to 10,000+ of them at a time.

CivicActions empowers social-change organizations with emerging technologies. We support the global movement of people and organizations building a sustainable future by providing Drupal, CiviCRM and mobile application development though our unrivaled Scrum project management methodology. Our team consists of nearly 40 engineers, strategists, designers and project managers who have deployed more than 100 Drupal and CiviCRM-powered websites since 2005 for progressive organizations including Amnesty International, Center for Reproductive Rights, Women's Funding Network and the Free Software Foundation. We are known as one of the largest and most-experienced Drupal and CiviCRM development firms and we are committed to taking action in the world, for positive, sustainable change.

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