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Adding New Family to School Database

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When a new student enrolls, for example, during mid-school year, the student and family information will need to be added to the already existing database.  Since only one family needs to be added you can add the family two different ways:

1. The first way is to Use Import to add Student First Name, Student Last Name, Grade Level, Student Number, Contact Subtype, Grade SIS  or

2. The second way is to Manually add Student First Name, Student Last Name, Grade Level, Student Number, Contact Subtype, Grade SIS  (scroll to bottom until you see - how to add info. manually)

To import using the first way:

Import: Student First Name, Student Last Name, Grade Level, Student Number, Contact Subtype, Grade SIS

 -You will need to also add information manually: relationship between parent/child, relationship between student/advisor, parent 1 name, phone, email and parent 2 name, phone, email, parent school information

By adding some information manually you will learn how to go into the database to make quick edits in the future.

To review How to Import view the link - - review specifically step 1, and field map: student (image 2)

After reviewing the import link above, import the file attached: NewStudent_sample_data.csv


From the civicrm home page, click the Contact Tab, then select import contacts.

At the import contacts page

Choose Data Source:  comma-separated values (CSV)

Upload CSV file by clicking the browse button and select the file previously saved - student_sample_data.csv

- click the check box: first row contains column headers (because the file attached contains column headers)

Import Options

-Contact Type: check Individual

-For Duplicate Contacts: check update

-Date Format: Since there isn't a date in our file, ok to leave as is

-Load Saved Field Mapping: Leave Blank

-Click Continue button

(Image 1) , View Import Contacts Page Below

After clicking the continue button on your screen then match fields so that your field map looks like image 2 below

(image 2)

Since I already have the field map, Student, saved from a previous import and I am not updating it, I will click the continue button.

(If you do not have the field map, Student,  previously saved then your screen will look like image 3 below:

(image 3)

**Click the check box on your screen to (Save this field mapping) and enter Student for both Name and Description,  then click continue button

Click the done button to complete the import (Image 4) below:

(Image 4)

After completing the import above, let's now enter the parent/guardian information: name of parent/guardian 1, name of parent/guardian 2, phone and email

Look on your screen at the top of the page and Click on the Contacts Tab > Select New Individual

Let's begin entering First parent/guardian name, phone and email and then click the save button (view image below)

(Image 5)

After clicking the save button you will see Parent 1 contact record for Alba Barley (image below).

(image 6)

Create Relationship - Step 1

On your screen, on Alba Barley's contact record > click the Relationship tab > click on the add one link (image below)

(image 7)

Remember that from the attached file: NewStudent_sample_data.csv: Alba Barley is the parent of Annie Barley

Now enter relationship (image below)

(image 8)

Make sure to check a total of three blue boxes.(image above)

1. box next to Annie Barley, 2. box next to 'Alba Barley' can view and update information for selected contact(s), 3. box next to Enabled?

then click Save Relationship button.

Now you've created a relationship between parent, Alba Barley and child, Annie Barley (image below)

(image 9)

End of Create Relationship - Step 1

In addition to first Parent/Guardian Name, email, and phone number, let's now click on the School Information tab (view image 9 above)

Then click edit school information button > then add information: select Sub Type Parent ( image 10 below), then click save button

(image 10)

Now repeat - Create a relationship Step 1(images 7-9) to create a relationship for the second parent/guardian: Arlly Barley plus add Arlly Barley's School information (image 10)

After creating a relationship on the parents record, you can go to the child's record, Annie Barley, and confirm that a relationship was automatically created. (View image 11 below)

(Image 11)

The third relationship that needs to be created is the advisee / advisor relationship.

Go to Annie Barley's contact record > click on Relationships tab > click New Relationship button (view image 11 above)

then enter information:

Relationship Type - enter Advisor

Find Target Contact - enter Advisor name (image 12 below)

(image 12)


Make sure to check only two blue boxes: 1. box next to Jan Gilbert's name and 2. box next to Enabled?

-then click the Save Relationship button

After creating a relationship on Annie Barley's contact record > go to Jan Gilbert's contact record and confirm that Annie Barley's relationship was automatically added.

How to Add Information Manually

2. Manually add Student First Name, Student Last Name, Grade Level, Student Number, Contact Subtype, Grade SIS, relationships

After logging in

Step 1

-At top, click Contacts Tab, select New Individual

-Enter First Name, Last Name, email

Click Save button

While at the 1st Parent’s contact record,

-click school information tab

-click Edit School Information button

-select SubType Parent

click save button

end step 1

If there is a 2nd Parent,

Repeat Step 1

Step 2

Add Student

-At top,click Contacts Tab, select New Individual

-Enter First Name, Last Name

Click Save button

While at students contact record

-Click school information tab

-Click edit school information button

At SubType – Enter Student

-Enter Grade

-Enter Grade SIS (same as grade)

-Extended Care Status – regular

-At currently Enrolled – mark YES

Click Save button

Step 3

Create Relationships

Go to students record

Click Relationships TAB

Click Add Relationship button

At Relationship Type – Select Child of

Enter name of parent at Find Target Contact

When parents name found,

Scroll down to Enabled? – make sure box is checked

Then scroll down and click Save Relationship button

Repeat Step 3 for 2nd parent

After creating relationships with both parents, confirm by going to student & parents contact record

-at students contact record –

-click relationship tab and confirm relationships are correct

Repeat Step 3 to Create Student / Advisor Relationship

After creating all the relationships, you will need to Add Parent Index Number.

For example --If two parents in Same Household – for 1st parent- enter 1 for parent index,  2nd parent -enter 2 for parent index

If there are 2 households – 1st household(with two parents) – gets Index 1, Index 2

2nd household gets index 3, index 4.   *(if one parent in household 1-- then index 1, one parent in household 2 then index 3.  )

To enter Index number – go to student contact record, click relationship tab, click the edit link of the first parent.

Scroll down under parent relationship data and enter 1 for parent index.

-Click save relationship

Now go back to student record, click relationship tab, click link for 2nd parent, and enter parent index 2 for 2nd parent,

Click save relationship

**Lastly, External ID: Student number needs to be generated.  

After doing above, you will have to create user records for the parent(s) who submitted email address so they can log in to parent portal. 

To add users

 after logging on

click Administer button

click User management

then click Users link

click Add User tab at top

enter Username --email address

enter email address - email address

enter a password for them – gggg

enter to confirm password - gggg

make sure

 Status:  is Active

 Roles: check box authenticated user

Click create account

Now go to the Parents record

Click Actions Button (it’s just under the Parent’s Name)

Click user record

Click edit tab

Confirm username, email, status, and roles

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