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We've produced this module in a hurry and it's still in it's infancy so please, if you want to develop it further - please do! We would of course encourage this being contributed back and for Consult and Design being credited for the initial development.

About the Module

This module adds a couple of fields into the CiviMail system that will pull Drupal content (based on Content Type) directly into the mail as a teaser by simply selecting the node you want.

There is a content type drop down that then fills a select box below with the relevant content. Clicking on it will insert the teaser and a link back to the node, into the mail.

There is an admin page that allows you to select which content types to make available to the user.

We plan to develop this further in the following ways (and more we hope!):

#Drupal role permissions to allow/disallow users from using the system in CiviMail
#Pre-built templates
#Auto-resizing of images - this isn't possible right now due to the way Drupal handles filenames - unless you find another way to do it.
#Closer integration with CCK, allowing admins to choose which fields are displayed (possibly) for each content type

If anyone works on this, it would be great if you could post patches and descriptions here. We will do the same!


Adam > Consult and Design International

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