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Getting Help FAQ

General information on CiviCRM FAQ

Licensing FAQ


Security FAQ

Installation and Upgrades FAQ

Query Debugging

How can I debug search result and other query problems?

Administer CiviCRM

Which users can Administer CiviCRM? Who defines those users and how?

Where do you control the content layout? Is there away to change the "home page" and menus?

How do I remove the pink section at the bottom of all CiviCRM pages (the one which mentions the version, link to bug tracker etc)?

What's the Relationship Between CiviCRM Contacts and CMS (Drupal/Joomla) Users?

Should I enable Profile in Drupal for the basic registration (UserName/email) or do all the Profile setting in CiviCRM administration?

Is there a way to link back to the Drupal user profile if the contact does have a Drupal user account?

What are CiviCRM Profiles used for? How can I create a sign-up form to collect contact info from visitors to my site?

How do I delete a contact?

What actions can I perform on contacts?

How can I remove fields like middle name, job title from the core form?

Can I put custom fields in search result?

Can I create a form that will utilize custom data fields?

Is it possible to add a custom field to an exisiting CiviCRM set of fields?

I'd like to create a custom field for contacts that contains the user id of the user that created them.

Profiles with custom data don't appear on Drupal new user registration forms

Submitting info in a form gives "access denied"

I'd like to create a custom field where users can enter from zero to many values.

What different data types and HTML input field types are supported for Custom Fields?

How do I add additional tabs for the contact?

Why isn't my custom data set that is designated for Events available to profiles?

Can I add a photo to a contact?

How can I include an image (logo) in an organizational profile?

How do I change values for currency, default country, and provinces (to localise my site)?

Can I remove "country" from mailing labels?

Can I customize CiviCRM user and admin themes?

Can I rename things?

Can I display contact information on a public page?

How can I create a customized view of profiles?

Why are records are getting created (I am guessing through Drupal since there are no contributions attached) that are completely blank except for the user's name and email?

Groups, Tags, Custom Fields, Relationships: What do I use for what?

What's the difference between a Group and a Tag?

I want users to be able to list people by the year they left - "Class of..."

Can I define access control for groups/roles?

For organizations that have many districts that require district teams to manage the contacts for only their own district, the CiviCRM setup can be challenging.

I don't understand how to allow a group leader to edit only that group's contacts.

What happens in cases of overlapping permissions between Drupal and civiCRM permissioning?

What is the best way to load US county data into the County table. I need to load the Counties for all 50 States.

Can I add actions to the contact search dropdown menu?

Can I manage course offerings with CiviCRM?

There's a little box with a plus sign in it, but it won't expand.

How can I move my database to a different domain?

How can I change my base URL?

How can I move my install to a different directory on the server?

Remove Open ID and Instant Messenger from New Individual form

Remove 'Do not trade' from Privacy options

Fatal Error: Fontfile not found or not readable


Does CiviCRM have mail merge features or export features that can be used to create MS-Word Merge Data documents?

Will contact get multiple mails?

Error: Invalid response code received from server - when trying to send email to contacts.

Error: "authentication failed" when trying to send email

What is the difference between 'ON HOLD' and 'Do Not E-mail' ?


On what different parameters can one search for contacts?

Can I search on partial names?

How can I restrict profile searches to organizations only?

Is it possible to remove the dropdown box listing "-Search with No Content Types-Search with No Content Types-Search with No Content Types-all contacts----", "Individuals", "Households", "Organizations" on the "Find Contacts" page?

Is there a way to link zipcodes/contact data in CiviCRM to keyword searches?

Is is possible to display a different set of column headings for the CRM contact search result page?

I'm trying to use the IN operator in the search builder and can't seem to put in a proper value.

Search for contacts returns a table with empty rows (contact information is blank on each row).

Access Denied error when trying to use CiviCRM search.


How do I create a smart group?

What's the difference between a Group and a Smart Group?

Is it possible to create a group that is a subgroup of another?

Can I limit listing to a group?

How are CiviCRM and Organic groups related?


When exporting, my browser displays the CSV file. How can I download it?

What is an Import Cycle? What steps are involved during it?

If the first row of my CSV file contains column headings, what are the valid set of keyword values for the columns?

Using URLs in Import_Duplicates.csv.

What are the rules for matching contacts?

What fields can I import?

Can I Import Membership Type?

Importing Boolean values.

What is the maximum number of Contacts one can import during a single import cycle?

Importing LARGE quantities of data

Importing phone numbers.

Can I import Households and Organizations into CiviCRM or is import only for Individuals?

How do I import files created on a Macintosh?

Importing Tags and Groups.

Why aren't my imported contacts assigned groups or tags properly?

Not a CSV file, creating UTF-8 files for import.

Open_basedir error for uploads and imports

Can I automate the Import Process with Cron?

Importing Events

Why are my "view only" custom data fields not populating during import?

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Can I use ldapauth to connect our ldap users to drupal, and hence CiviCRM even though they don't have an email address in the Drupal users table?

Is there LDAP integration between CiviCRM and Outlook and/or Thunderbird?

Are there any instructions for CiviCRM LDAP Integration?


Does CiviCRM provide mapping functions?

What's available for taking CiviCRM data and populating it on a Google Map?

How do I implement the Google or Yahoo mapping functionality?

Yahoo (or Google) Geocoding throws an error.

How is mapping supposed to work for event registration?


What is CiviCluster?


What is CiviConference?


What is CiviContribute?

Why don't I see CiviContribute in the CiviCRM menus?

What payment processors are supported?

Where are instructions for using CiviContribute?

How do I ensure that the payment form is processed securely?

How do I generate tax recipts or receipts in general?

Can CiviCRM automatically generate a thank-you email with a receipt when membership renewals and contributions are manually entered into the system?

How hard is it to import contribution information?

Is it safe to store credit cards in CiviCRM?

Making a contribution with PayPal causes PHP warnings to be displayed.

Does CiviContribute allow multiple payment processors for different contribution pages?

My "thank-you" message is not being sent from PayPal.

Any linkage between contribution and membership records?

Can CiviContribute handle automated matching donations?

Sporadic nonrecoverable error when submitting donations using CiviContribute.


What is CiviEvent?

Why don't I see CiviEvent in the CiviCRM menus?

Where are instructions for using CiviEvent?

How do you publish links to events?


What is CiviMail?

Are there any special requirements for CiviMail?

Are their hosting options just for CiviMail?

Why don't I see CiviMail in the CiviCRM menus?

Where are instructions for using CiviMail?

CiviMail Upload problems.

Is it possible to integrate CiviMail with Mailman?

How to get Public Archives with Drupal and CiviMail

CiviMail and Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Bulk folder Prevention (SPF, Domain Key Filter)


What is CiviMember?

Why don't I see CiviMember in the CiviCRM menus?

Where are instructions for using CiviMember?

How can I create a searchable member directory for a community website?

Should I create a single membership for the head of the family or create memberships for every member of the family?

Is it possible to link two (or more) members in a joint/household membership and create a single label for joint/household memberships?

Can I use custom fields in CiviMember?

When I import members, how can I assign the individuals to specific membership types?

When assigning a new membership to an individual, the join date is capped, I can't set an indvidual's join date as being before 2003.

Can I produce any membership reports?

Can I use membership types for member-only content?


What is CiviNode?


What is CiviReport?

CiviVoter and Canvasser

What is CiviVoter and Canvasser?

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