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Using CiviCRM

CiviCRM functions are accessed through the links on the CiviCRM Home page or through the CiviCRM menu, which the site administrator configures at Administer » Site Building » Blocks. Typically the CiviCRM menu is placed in the left sidebar, but this depends on your theme and desired layout.

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Custom Data Fields & Custom Data Groups,  Groups,   Tags  


Create,  Delete,  Edit,  Print,  Search,  Relationships,   Activities,  Notes  

Data Management 

Exporting Data,  Importing Data  


CiviContribute,  CiviEvent,  CiviMail,   CiviMember  

Search & Profiles

Search,   Profiles  

Specific Tasks

End User's How Do I...   

This documentation is designed for the End-User. For Administrative tasks see Administer CiviCRM.

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