This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 2.2. It's not maintained anymore.
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Taking Action on Results

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Taking Action on Results

From the Found Contacts screen you can take the following actions.
Click on the item for a detailed explanation.


Print the found contacts

Add Contacts to an Event

Add found contacts to an existing Event

Add Contacts to a Group 

Add found contacts to a group

Add Contacts to a Household

Add found contacts to an existing Household contact

Add Contacts to an Organization

Add found contacts to an existing Organization contact

Delete Contacts

Delete found contacts

Export Contacts

Export found contacts

Mailing Labels 

Create Mailing Labels for found contacts

Map Contacts

View found contacts on a map

New Smart Group

Create a new smart group from multiple found contacts

Record Activity for Contacts

Record an activity for found contacts

Remove Contacts from a Group

Remove found contacts from a group

Send Email to Contacts

Send Email to found contacts

Tag Contacts

Assign tags to multiple found contacts

UnTag Contacts

Remove tags from multiple found contacts

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