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Sorting Results

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Sorting Results

When viewing a list of found contacts, you can sort the results in these ways.

By Contact Name

You will see the letters of the alphabet across the top of the search results. This allows you to restrict your results to only show contacts whose Last name/Organization name/Household name STARTS w/ that letter. To show only those contacts starting with a certain letter, click that letter.

ORGANIZATIONS and HOUSEHOLDS are sorted by Organization Name and Household Name, respectively.
INDIVIDUALS are sorted by Last Name or if there is no name, by email address. 

Alphabetically or Numerically

Just below the letters of the alphabet, you will see a "Header Row" like this:

You can click on each of the terms in the Header Row to SORT your results by that term.

Clicking once sorts alphabetically for letters (A-Z ) and  numerically for numbers (0-100000). An upward-pointing arrow appears next to the term.

Clicking again to reverse the results (Z - A, 1000000-0). A downward-pointing arrowhead appears next to the term.

For example, clicking once on the Header Row term Name will sort the results alphabetically by name from a - z.
Clicking again on the Name header will sort the results alphabetically by name from z - a. The red arrowhead indicates the current sort order:

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