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Send Invitations

Before sending out invitations for constituents to register for an event online, you will need to configure the event, and get the link to the Event Information screen for the event (refer to Manage Events for instructions).

There are several options for sending invites - depending on whether you are have CiviMail configured for your site, and on the number of invitees.

  • If you are sending to a small number of invitees (~10 or less), you can find and select invitees - Search Contacts. Then use Send Email to Contacts from the - more actions - drop-down menu. Be sure to include the link to the event information page in your email.
  • If you have CiviMail installed and your invite list is larger than ~10, you'll need to create or use a Mailing List Group containing the contacts you want to invite. Then use Send Mailing - including the event link in your message.
  • If you're not using CiviMail, you'll need to use another mailing program that can do "bulk mailing". Find and select the contact you want to invite. Then use the export action to copy their email addresses to a .CSV file. Most mailing programs can import a list of email addresses in this format in order to send a mailing.
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