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Main Manage Events Page

In CiviCRM you can create as many events as you need and you can enable online event registration. Events can include conferences, concerts, auctions or any other function that has participants. Each Event includes Date, Time, Location, Optional Fees, Description and Optional Online Registration.

Begin at the Administer CiviCRM page. In the CiviEvent section, choose Manage Events.

You will see a list of current (in-progress) and upcoming events (if any have been setup).

You can click on >>Show Past Events to browse your completed (past) events.

You can create NEW Events or Configure, Test Drive, Live Page, Disable, Delete or Copy EXISTING events using the links to the right of each event listed.


To create a New Event, click on the >>New Event link at the top of the list of pages. You will be brought into the configuration pages, where there are four steps involved: Manage Event Information & Settings, Manage Event Location, Manage Event Fees and Online Registration.


For Existing Events, you can Configure Page, Test Drive, Live Page, Disable, Delete or Copy the event using the links to the right of each existing event listed.


Click on Configure Page to modify an existing event. This will bring you to a list of the same sections used when setting up a new contribution page. Select the section you want to modify and make your modifications. Click Save to save your changes and return to the Main Configure Event page, Cancel to cancel the changes.

In this section you may also Test-Drive Registration for your event.


Click on Test Drive to test how your registration page works. You will be taken to your registration page and see the message:

Test-drive Your Event Registration Page

This page is currently running in test-drive mode. Transactions will be sent to your payment processor's test server. No live financial transactions will be submitted. However, a contact record will be created or updated and an event will be saved to the database. Use obvious test contact names so you can review and delete these records as needed.

Review the page and note any changes you want to make, or register as described in the message above. Click Continue to submit the registration.

If any required fields are not correctly completed, you will see an error message, such as:

Please correct the following errors in the form fields below:

  • Email Address is a required field.
  • Billing First Name is a required field.
  • Billing Last Name is a required field.

Correct the errors and click Continue to submit the registration.

If successful you will be brought to the verification page and see the message

"Please verify the information below carefully. Click Go Back if you need to make changes. To complete your registration, click the Register button below."

Review the information and click the Go Back or Register button.

When you click Register the button label will change to say "Processing".

You will then be brought to the Thank-You page where you can note any changes you want to make.

Besides the title, message and footer you configure, the Thank-You page includes the message:

Your transaction has been processed successfully. Please print this page for your records.

An email receipt has also been sent to (if email receipt is configured)

The Thank-You page also contains sections including Contribution Information, Billing Name and Address and Credit or Debit Card Information.


Click on Live Page to view the actual live event registration page, where you can preview all the page elements exactly as they appear on your site.


Click Disable to disable an Event. You will see the warning:

Are you sure you want to disable this Event?

Click Cancel to leave the event enabled or OK to disable the event.
You may re-enable the event at any time by clicking the Enable link that replaces the Disable link when an event has been disabled.


Click Delete to delete a Event. You will see the warning:

Are you sure you want to delete this Event?

Click Cancel to leave the event in place or OK to delete the event.
If the event has been used for registrations, you will see the warning:

"You cannot delete this Event Registration Page because it has already been used to submit a contribution or membership payment. It is recommended that your disable the page instead of deleting it, to preserve the integrity of your contribution records. If you do want to completely delete this contribution page, you first need to search for and delete all of the contribution transactions associated with this page in CiviContribute."

Click Cancel to cancel or Delete Event to continue.

If successful, you will see the message:

"The event has been deleted successfully."


Click Copy to make a full copy of the Event. The system will automatically copy all elements of that event and add a new event to the list titled "Copy of (EVENT NAME)".
Click Configure and then Event Information and Settings to rename the copied event.

Click Save to save the changes or Cancel to cancel.

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